Jolly Good Show, Old Boy—– Learn British Slang


Greetings good folk, it’s Addi here. Today I thought I’d talk a little bit about the UK and its people. But… it’s all pretty simple over here, isn’t it? We’re the tea-drinking, pasty-faced, over-pronouncing people who drive on the wrong side of the road, from that little country up north that thinks it’s ‘oh so great’, right? Okay, well some of us are a little tea-crazy, but there’s a lot some of you don’t know about the UK. I won’t turn this into a ‘my nation is so brilliant’ speech, but really, it is. Just saying.


Alrighty, here’s the fun part. I’d like to teach you some British slang that I or my friends use. Some you might’ve heard of, others maybe not. And for those of you who are British, you might not say these, but I can guarantee that some of us do. Well, here goes it…

Ace- awesome

Do- a party

Bloody/ bleeding/ blooming/ blasted- these are put in front of other words to provide emphasis, e.g. bloody hell, the bleeding computer,   the international equivalent would probably be ‘damn’

Git- Idiot

Bob’s your uncle- it’s sorted/it’s done/ there you go

Hunky-dory- very good/ going well/ going according to plan

Jammy- lucky, eg. you jammy little git

Mate- friend (also can be used when addressing someone directly, e.g. all right, mate? International equivalent: dude)

Piece of cake- easy

Pinch- steal

Faff around- dither/ procrastinate

Chuffed- pleased/ proud

Gutted- very upset

Shirty- cross

Rubbish- trash

Knackered- exhausted

Put a sock in it- shut up

Row- argument

Prat- fool/ jerk

Daft/dim- stupid

There are LOADS of others but I think I’ll cap it at that for today. If any of you have any questions, or anything to add to my list, please leave a comment. I leave you with a fun fact: Buckingham Palace was built on the site of a notorious brothel.