Anecdotes from the Classroom

Hello all, Addi here. Tonight I decided to share with you some personal experiences that I had at school, and hopefully some will entertain you.

Student X

There’s always that one insanely annoying person in the class. The one who asks stupid questions, or thinks they’re always right, or throws things at people, or whistles to themself- all the bloody time! In the case of a person I won’t name, it was all four. Throughout high school, my sole purpose in life seemed to be to avoid this person, Student X. Unfortunately, I failed miserably.

Once, we were learning about the Industrial Revolution in a History class, and Teacher A was talking about how her house used to belong to a factory worker from that time period. Student X put up her hand and said, “Were you in the Industrial Revolution, Teacher A?” She wasn’t joking. She was quite serious.

This is the same person who tried to tell us that Antarctica has one of the largest forests in the world. When we explained to her that Antarctica was all ice, and trees wouldn’t grow out of it, she kicked up a massive toddler tantrum and shouted at us that we were wrong. After a while, she finally gave in and said, “Well… Maybe it was the Arctic.” No, honey, that’s the Amazon.

Wheelchair Fencing

During class, we were asking each other ‘Would You Rather’ questions, and someone asked Teacher B whether he would prefer to have no arms or no legs. He replied, “No legs, because then I could be a wheelchair fencing champion.” We argued, “But how could you roll the chair forward if you were waving a dirty great sword around?” He proceeded to demonstrate exactly how he would do it, and it was one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen in my life.

Go Home, Old Girl

In Year 5, I had a teacher well into her sixties, who once came to school with her shirt back-to-front and inside-out. No further explanation required.

Although, since I can never seem to stop myself from talking, I will add that six years later she was still at the school, and had died her hair a horrifying shade of platinum blonde, in an effort to make herself look younger. It did not work.

I have dozens of these stories, so if you like this sort of post, show me with comments and likes 🙂 I certainly love sharing with you.

Arrivederci for now, fellow bloggers!


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